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"We work with each client to provide an individualized experience that suits your unique goals and lifestyle."

What we do


We are a friendly and intimate membership-free gym motivated to provide an exclusive and private experience to make you feel comfortable and at home. We encourage lifelong training, a positive attitude, and a healthy body and mind.


Our focus is on meeting your needs and achieving your goals. You will be paired up with one of our experienced trainers to create a program especially tailored to you. This personalized approach provides a unique and genuine experience.

Our services:

  • Personal Training


Our specialized areas of focus:

  • Functional mobility and flexibility

  • Lower back and core conditioning

  • Body building/sculpting

  • Power lifting

  • Rehabilitation goals

  • Sports-specific training (ex. golf, skiing, tennis)

  • Pre and post-natal training

  • Entry-level training

  • Conditioning and strength training for individuals with concussion and post-concussion syndrome (PCS)

  • Contest preparation training

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