Hi! My name is


“I love what I do because I get an opportunity to use my kinesiology knowledge and over a decade of experience to help my clients achieve their health and fitness goals.”


Areas of Focus:

  • Functional mobility and flexibility.

  • Conditioning and strength training catered to skiers, golfers and tennis players.

  • Assisting clients with rehabilitation goals (lower back and core conditioning).


Hi! My name is


"As an all-around competitive athlete, I have experienced the benefits of strength training. It takes a great deal of dedication, drive, but most of all it takes support and guidance to be the very best you can be."


Areas of Focus:

  • Body Building/Sculpting

  • Contest Preparation and Program Design

  • Strength and Conditioning


Hi! My name is


With my kinesiology background along with my passion for athletics, rehab/preventative exercise and powerlifting give me a unique skill set to help my clients achieve any goal they set their mind to. My mission is to educate my clients and to give them an immersive experience where they can walk away from our sessions together feeling confident both physically and mentally.

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Hi! My name is


“Having trained for over 20 years, my devotion to health and fitness allows me to bring my expertise and passion for fitness to my clients. When it comes to “Fitness” I believe there is no “One size fits all” formula, so it is important for individuals to work to their full potential to meet and exceed their fitness goals."


My Mission:

​"To touch the life of each individual I interact with in a positive way. To inspire positive and productive change. To assist individuals in reaching their fitness goals, through motivation, coaching and constructive feedback; with the sole purpose of satisfying each individual’s desire to embrace a healthy lifestyle”.


Hi! My name is


“As the Operations Manager, my goal is to help XM Fitness run as smoothly as possible. I am eager to deliver quality service and care to all staff and clients. I want you to feel part of our XM family and to feel at home.”


Areas of Focus:

  • Dance

  • Zumba

  • Zumbini

  • Organisation and Operation of XM Fitness


"My philosophy ​focuses on efficient exercise application as I work towards enhancing the well-being of my clients in conjunction with their fitness goals. Together, we will transform your quality of life by embracing a consistent training mindset with the active participation in fun, dynamic and goal-directed fitness activities."


Hi! My name is